Sep 16, 2012

How to Make Dolls

Hi Everyone! 

I have a little paper crafts project that I want to share with you.  Its a simple arts and crafts project that I made out of a pizza box.  It is a cardboard doll.  Its very simple to make and would be great for easy crafts.  You can make them in any size, shape, or color.

You can even change the hair color and eye colors also.  This would also be safe for kids crafts because you don't have to use hot glue for this project.  Another thing is that it is very inexpensive because you are using recycled crafts.  You can use any type of thin cardboard.  Save your pizza boxes and TV Dinner boxes.  They are great for making these handmade dolls.  This would also be great for creative crafts because you can take the doll and dress it up anyway you would like to.  This is also great for scrapbooking because you can use scrapbook paper.  Maybe make a miniature doll to include in your scrapbook or with a greeting card to a friend.

God bless, Chan

Supplies that you need to make these dolls

Thin cardboard like a pizza box or TV dinner box
Turbo Tacky Glue
Craft Bond Glue
Kite String
Large Needle
Pearl Beads
Yarn for the Hair
Scrapbook Paper for the Face, Back of Head, and Dress
Embellishments to decorate the doll (your choice)
2 Full Sheets of White Cardstock paper (for the eyes, lips, and to trace out the patterns for the doll)
Colored Pencils or Markers (to color the eyes and lips)
Hole Puncher to punch out the circle for the nose
Pair of scissors
1 clothespin (for holding the hair in place while it dries)
Scotch tape (taping the 1 pattern together for the head and body)
A circle shape to trace the head (I used a mason jar lid)