Dec 25, 2013

Dec 24, 2013

Dec 21, 2013

How to Make a Star for a Christmas Tree

Happy Saturday! Christmas is coming soon and as usual I'm running behind schedule for the holidays! I am still trying to get my tree decorated. I hope to have it done soon. God bless! 

This is the one I will use for my Christmas Tree Star this year

Sep 23, 2013

Chan's Vision Board

Recently, I watched some videos about visualization. In one of the videos, I saw a woman who had made a board with all the things that she wanted to do in life. Actually she said all of those things are starting to come true. I felt inspired by the video and decided to make my very own visualization board. I haven't put anything on it yet but I will be filling it up soon.

"Without a Vision, the people perish" Proverbs 29:18

God bless, Chan

I changed the old frame by wrapping the frame with white lace. 






Sep 7, 2013

Altered Picture Frame

This is a picture frame I got from Walmart for $1.00.  It don't have to cost a lot to make crafts!
I used a lot of pink paper roses in various hues.  To add some variety, I also added light mint green roses.
On the color wheel pink (light red) is the opposite of mint green (green).

Aug 18, 2013

Aug 5, 2013

Liebster Award

Yesterday, I was nominated for the Liebster Award.  This is an award that is given to blogs that have less than 200 subscribers.  This award is to encourage smaller blogs and increase awareness of them.

Thank the person who gave you the award:

I want to say Thank you to Susana from Alicante Scrap for considering me for this award.  I really appreciate this.  Thank you so much, Susana.

Reply with 11 questions:

1. - What is your blog?  My blog is Chan4Crafts.

Two. - How long you started the blog?  I started the blog about 2 1/2 years ago in 2010.

Three. - Why have the blog and you'd get?  I have the blog so I can put things about arts and crafts on them.

4. - What are your hobbies?  My hobbies are scrapbooking, arts and crafts, and music.

5. - A book, a song, a movie?  My favorite book is the Bible.

6. - What's left to do?  I would like to make more projects and crafts

7. - What would you have liked bygone era live?  I would have liked to been old enough to enjoy the Disco Music Era when it was out.

8. - What alternative lifestyle I wish there?  I would like to try to live the country lifestyle on a farm.

9. - What historical or fictional character you wish you had known?  I wish I had known Jesus when he was on earth.  I think he would have been a nice person to know.

10. - What is your dream trip?  My dream trip would be to visit Europe.

11. - A favorite sweet or savory food?  I love pizza.

Say 11 things about yourself or your crafts:

1. I love pizza and fried chicken.
2. I've lived in 3 different states in my lifetime:  New York, North Carolina, and Virginia
3. My favorite color is pink.
4. I like shopping at thrift stores for things to decorate
5. My favorite animal is a cat.
6.   I love paper roses
7. I love teddy bears
8.   shabby chic is my favorite scrap booking style
9. I'd like to travel the world one day
10. My favorite holiday is Christmas - New Years
11. My favorite number is 7

Jul 16, 2013

Jul 5, 2013

Jun 10, 2013

How to Make a Greeting Card

A lot of people overlook the importance of a greeting card when they are purchasing gifts for friends or loved ones.  I want to demonstrate how the greeting card can be a particularly significant part of a present.  In some cases, the greeting card can become the actual gift.  A craft artist can make many different types of cards because there are so many styles to create.

Paper bag cards are the best, and I just love them.  There is just so much that can be done with this simple item.  Since paper bags are inexpensive, a craft artist can literally make a masterpiece for just pennies on the dollar.  Paper Bags are also handy and versatile in that tags and letters can be stored in the open end of the bag.  In previous projects, I have decorated my paper bag cards with lace, paper flowers, fancy buttons, and ribbon.  They have always been a big hit with my friends and family.  I often give my paper bag cards away as gifts.

Jun 9, 2013

How to do Crafts and Make a Greeting Card Template

I recently made a double card that has an outer card and an inner card.  It was very easy to make and it is a great alternative to pop cards.  All you need for this project is card stock paper, scrapbook paper, seam binding, and your choice of embellishments.

Seam binding was used to hold the card together with a bow.  To make sure the bow does not work itself part, I stitched a button straight through the bow to secure this item.  I tied the string off and put a little bit of tacky glue on the knot.   In addition, I also dabbed a little bit of tacky glue on the edges of the seam binding.  This will keep it from coming apart in the future.

This greeting card template can be used in so many ways.  The design can be used for birthday wishes cards, personalized cards, Mother's day cards, and Christmas cards. 

Happy Crafting and God bless, Chan

These double cards are a great alternative to pop up cards. 
I added paper roses to the front of the card.

A friend gave me this stamp.  I thought it worked very well in this card. 
Here is the bow that holds the card together.  This is also secured with a button that I threaded thru the bow.
Happy Crafting to You!!

Jun 5, 2013

How to Do Crafts

A while back, someone recommended that I do a trailer video for my Youtube channel. I finally got a chance to produce one today. In the video, I give viewers a general idea of what my channel is about. I think it was a very good suggestion and I want to share this with all my fellow crafters.

May 19, 2013

How to do Crafts and Make a Color Wheel with Paper Roses

Hi Everyone!  I made another color wheel made with Paper Roses.  I used colors that I use most of the time.   For instance, instead of red, I used pink.  I also substituted orange for peach and mint green for true green.  This color wheel now reflects more of the colors that I actually use all the time.

This will hang on the wall in front of my craft desk so I can refer to it when I am making my next project.

Happy Crafting to you and God bless, Chan

This is a modified version of the traditional color wheel.  I added white to all the colors to get pastels that I use.

From left to right:  Traditional Colors:  Yellow-Orange, Orange, Red-Orange, Light Red, Red-Violet,  Light Violet, Blue-violet
My colors:  Light Peach, peach, Pink-Peach, Pink, Mulberry, Lilac, Country blue

From Left to Right:  Traditional Colors  Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Blue- Green, Blue
My Colors - Lemon, Sage, Mint Green, Robin's Egg blue, Baby blue