May 19, 2013

How to do Crafts and Make a Color Wheel with Paper Roses

Hi Everyone!  I made another color wheel made with Paper Roses.  I used colors that I use most of the time.   For instance, instead of red, I used pink.  I also substituted orange for peach and mint green for true green.  This color wheel now reflects more of the colors that I actually use all the time.

This will hang on the wall in front of my craft desk so I can refer to it when I am making my next project.

Happy Crafting to you and God bless, Chan

This is a modified version of the traditional color wheel.  I added white to all the colors to get pastels that I use.

From left to right:  Traditional Colors:  Yellow-Orange, Orange, Red-Orange, Light Red, Red-Violet,  Light Violet, Blue-violet
My colors:  Light Peach, peach, Pink-Peach, Pink, Mulberry, Lilac, Country blue

From Left to Right:  Traditional Colors  Yellow, Yellow-Green, Green, Blue- Green, Blue
My Colors - Lemon, Sage, Mint Green, Robin's Egg blue, Baby blue 


twelve_squared said...

I really enjoy your work! What an awesome idea!!! Now I need to make myself one! Thank you for your clear videos and clever ideas.

Chan C said...

Hi there. Thank you for coming to my blog and leaving a comment. God bless, Chan