Nov 21, 2014

7 Stress Free and Money Saving Holiday Shopping Tips for Christmas

Christmas is coming very soon!  Now is a great time to start gift shopping.  It is always good to be cautious when purchasing gifts.  The holiday season is a joyous time of year.  Sadly, I have seen people argue over Christmas gifts.  I have found some ways to avoid unnecessary Christmas gift drama.  

1.  Ask for Shopping Advice

If I don't know the person very well, I'll ask one of her close friends for her likes and dislikes.  Then I have all the information I need to purchase the perfect gift.

2.   Use Gift Cards Frequently

Let Gift Cards Save the Day!  We never go wrong with gift cards.  Find out what store she likes and give her a gift card from that establishment.  Gift cards take the pressure off everyone. 

3.   Think Really Hard Before You Buy 
Make sure the gifts are appropriate in office or work situations.  Try to remember company policy and office etiquette.  Pens, organizers, and planners make excellent gifts for the office environment. Consider something practical, like a fancy calendar for the next year. Who doesn't need a calender?

4.  Give Christmas Items

Christmas themed gifts are wonderful.  I still remember a co-worker once gave me a Santa Claus cookie jar.  I used that jar for many years.  The gift was one of the nicest things anyone ever gave me. Christmas items make awesome gifts!  

5.  Gift Receipts Save Face and Feelings
Include a gift receipt with your gift.  If a person just doesn't like the item, he or she can discreetly exchange the gift without anyone ever knowing.

6.  Consider Food and Candy 

Give away Food!  Christmas Candy, gourmet chocolate, cookies, cakes are tasty gifts!  One year, I received a nice meat and cheese basket and I really loved it!  If the person does not eat meat, then give him or her a fruit basket.  You just can't go wrong there.  Who doesn't love gourmet food? 

7.  Be Creative and Make Your Own Gifts

Make handmade items.  If you crochet, why not make your friend a scarf or a small throw? Handmade Paper bag cards make wonderful gifts!  If a person is into crafts, create a gift basket of scrapbook paper, paper roses, envelopes, ribbons, buttons, and other items.  
Buying Christmas Gifts need not be a stressful thing.  Enjoy the Holiday season!
Photo Courtesy of merrychristmasfestival

Nov 19, 2014

Rolled Paper Roses

Hi Everyone!

Here is my latest project.  I made a picture with my rolled paper roses.  For the background, I recycled part of a frozen pizza box and covered it with paper.  To make a frame for my picture, I used pages from an old novel.  Twine is being used to hang the picture on the wall.  Around the frame are tiny little paper roses I had in my stash.

Happy Crafting and God bless, Chan

Rolled Paper Roses are wonderful for home decor because they tend to stand out from a picture or item.  The best thing is if one comes off, you can just make another one and pop it right back on!  

Rolled Paper Rose Tips: 

I practiced using old catalogs until you get the hang of it.  I started with newspaper and it didn't work too well for me because my fingers got all dirty.  I used catalogs until I learned.  Now I can go back and use newspapers because I am a lot quicker at it and it doesn't dirty my fingers as much. 

To see a tutorial on how to make these roses, click the image below.