Feb 19, 2015

How to Make Colorful Paper Roses

Here are some spiral roses that I made with hot pink paint stain.  I used blue paper, purple, yellow, and cream papers with the same paint.    

Here is a box full of spiral roses made from stained paper.  

This is a tag I made using three pink stained spiral roses.  These roses would be great on cards as well.


Rushd Lady said...

Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Have you ever tried to dry the sheets of paper with a hair dryer or heat gun? I was thinking the paint solution would also dye white seam tape too for when you needed a particular color of ribbon and didn't have any of that color. Do you color paper for the leaves to go with your paper roses?

Chan C said...

+Rushd Lady That is a great idea! Using an hair dryer. I must try it sometime. I have stained some green paper that I will use for the leaves. I will do a video about that soon.