Jun 23, 2012

Altered Message Board

I purchased an old message board from a yard sale. It was very damaged but it only cost a dollar. It was a bargain that I could not pass up. I've had it for a while now because I could not figure out what I wanted to do with the piece. Recently, I watched a video by FaerieCrafts on Youtube. She did an altered shadow box. This inspired me to do something with the old message board that I had purchased from the yard sale.

First I painted the frame a light pink. After that I added some antique white for distressing. However it still did not have the old vintage look that I was after. When I thought about it some more I actually decided to give it an old wall feel. When you are in an old house that has been painted several times, you can see the different layers of paint peeking thru. I decided to mix a light mint green and distress the board with this. I wanted it to look like the pink paint was wearing off and showing the green paint underneath. After that was done, then I distressed the edges of the board with Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink. It really made the message board look very old and vintage.

To decorate the piece I used an assortment of paper roses in the colors of light pink, white, tan, burgundy, and green. I also used two handmade flowers that I made from lace. To add to the vintage feel of the piece, I used some vintage stamps and adhered them to the piece. I had a New York Liberty Stamp, 2 Paris stamps, Tim Holtz Admit One movie stamp, vintage postcard stamp, clock stamps, and an old Model T Ford Car Stamp. I also added a stained manila package tag with twine to give it a vintage country type feel. To add a little bling, I made 3 antique style buttons and I added a little pearl trim and some vintage white lace.

Jun 17, 2012

Altered Picture Frame

Hi.  I made this altered picture frame.  This project was inspired by a video produced by CraftSponge on youtube.  After watching her video, I felt inspired to make this project.

I selected my color scheme for the picture frame from a poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906).  His poem is one of my all time favorite poems. 

An angel, robed in spotless white,
Bent down and kissed the sleeping Night.
Night woke to blush; the sprite was gone.
Men saw the blush and called it Dawn.

Jun 9, 2012