Jun 9, 2012

Scrapbooking Tag Ideas

Recently, someone requested a video about tag ideas for scrapbooking.  I did a few different techniques that I picked up along the way.  First I used color pencils to color in stamps of two of my tags which were the Paris Tags, and the Robin Tag. 
You can also use marker to color in the images on your tags.  I prefer to use colored pencil because it allows me to work from light to dark on the tag.  Next for my scripture tag, I used a stamp that I purchased at Joann's.  It is a stamp of the scripture Numbers 6:24-25.  I used all cardstock and scrapbook paper for the back of the tag.  I distressed the border of the tag with vintage photo ink because I liked how it gave the tag a wooden frame look.  I decorated the tag with some iamroses in the colors of brown, burgundy, peach, beige, white, and pale yellow.  I liked this color combination because it is neutral but very pretty.  Warm neutral colors are a great way to make a gift for someone if you aren't sure what their favorite colors are.  I also used a  cream colored pearl rossette that I had in my stash.  Lastly, I added cream lace and peach colored organza ribbon at the top of the tag. 

I also included some other styles in my video.  I used package tags that I stained with distress ink.  In addition, I made some folder file tags.  I had seen these folder file tags in other videos and I really like the technique so I included it in my video.   Last, I included a tag from my wedding crafts video.  I like to call that tag the floral rosebed tag.  It is the tag in the lower left corner of the picture below.  I used a lot of pink colored and white roses for this tag.  I put them in a circular pattern on the tag and left the center open for a picture.  I also used a shabby chic paper distressing technique that I developed to relax bold colors on cardstock paper.  I had purchased a stack of pink cardstock paper and when I got it home, I discovered that it was a bright pink.  I crumbled a sheet of the paper into a ball then flattened it back out.  After this, I took white paint and lightly brushed over the paper.  It made a new finish because it took the paper to a more workable pale pink.  I am going to do a video about this technique in the clear future. 

Also, I explored ways to modify the back of the tags.  Many times the back of tags get minimal attention.  However, the backs can be dressed up to compliment the overall appearance of a tag.  In this video, I discuss a few ideas for this.  I was watching a video produced by Purplepapel here on youtube.  In her video,  she actually added a mini envelope to the back of her tag.  I thought it was the cutest thing I ever saw.  I used this for some of my tags below.  I didn't have a mini envelope, so I made them by opening a regular sized envelope and making a smaller replica that I used to cut out my envelopes for the backs of my tags.  I will do a video about this as well. If you make our own envelopes, then you will have more variety on what papers that you can actually use.   

God bless, Chan