Nov 19, 2014

Rolled Paper Roses

Hi Everyone!

Here is my latest project.  I made a picture with my rolled paper roses.  For the background, I recycled part of a frozen pizza box and covered it with paper.  To make a frame for my picture, I used pages from an old novel.  Twine is being used to hang the picture on the wall.  Around the frame are tiny little paper roses I had in my stash.

Happy Crafting and God bless, Chan

Rolled Paper Roses are wonderful for home decor because they tend to stand out from a picture or item.  The best thing is if one comes off, you can just make another one and pop it right back on!  

Rolled Paper Rose Tips: 

I practiced using old catalogs until you get the hang of it.  I started with newspaper and it didn't work too well for me because my fingers got all dirty.  I used catalogs until I learned.  Now I can go back and use newspapers because I am a lot quicker at it and it doesn't dirty my fingers as much. 

To see a tutorial on how to make these roses, click the image below.