Jul 16, 2011

Color Theory in the Real World

Types of Color Schemes

Color Triad 
Color Square or Double complementary
Color Rectangle
Split Complementary 

Did you know that you can make any color you want from the color triad Red, Yellow, Blue?

If you need brown mix two complementary colors together like red and green and it will give you a light brown.  Also mixing the three colors on any color triad will give you brown also.

You can lighten a color scheme by adding white or darken a color scheme by adding black and it will still give you the same affect.  For example, red and green and be lightened to pink and mint green.

Did you know that in the art world brown is actually considered a form of orange.   A lot of times, interior designers will pair the color brown or beige with the color blue to achieve a complementary color scheme.

Red is the most common color used in color schemes for fast food restaurants.  Think about the colors used for McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut.  All of these use the color red.