Jan 18, 2012

Cleopatra / Elizabeth Taylor Mixed Media Painting

Here's my latest piece.  Someone had recommended that I do a picture of Cleopatra.  I found a picture online that I used for a model.  It's not exactly like the picture but I did use it for inspiration.

 This is a mixed media and decoupage piece.   

Items Used 

Acrylic Paint 
Gold Sparkly glue
Gold Decorative paper 
Multi colored flatback Acrylic beads
Large pearl beads 
Scrapbook paper
Decoupage Glue 

Fun Facts About Cleopatra  (69 BC –  30 BC)

Ptolemy XII Auletes, Father
Cleopatra V Tryphaena, Mother (likely)

Husband - Mark Anthony 

Children (4)
Ptolemy Caesar 
Cleopatra Selene
Alexander Helios 
Ptolemy Philadephus