Nov 18, 2012

Make Your Own Doll Greeting Cards

Hi.  I made my own doll greeting cards.  I made a standard doll and attached a back to it.  I left the inside blank so that I could write my own greeting inside the card.
  This would be good for birthdays, mother's day, and Christmas.  For the upcoming holidays, you could make a Santa Claus card or decorate the doll with Christmas paper. 

Happy Crafting and God bless, Chan

I used TV dinner boxes to make these greeting doll cards.

These can be used for birthdays, mother's day, and holidays

I covered the inside of the card with light colored scrapbook paper.  You can also use plain card stock paper as well.  Also you can stamp sayings in here if you have a stamp that you want to use or you can write a greeting inside the card.

I used regular soft yarn for the hair and pearl beads for the arms and legs. 

These can be made to give away as gifts.  This would be great for Christmas.  Maybe make some with Christmas scrap paper and add some holiday embellishments.


Rushd Lady said...

What did you trace around to make your cute little paper doll cards? Do you have a template? These would be really cute for doll collectors and little girl birthdays!

Chan C said...

Hi. I have a template that I made out of cardboard. I will try to get a PDF file of that uploaded soon.