Feb 11, 2014

Non-Romantic Valentine's Day Craft & Religious Valentine's Day Ideas

Hello Everyone!!

This is a non-romantic Valentine's Day Craft Idea.  This is a Covered Canvas Board Project. The edges are covered with seam binding.  Scrapbook paper is used to cover the center of the board instead of paint.  In fact, this is a great way to save on paint.  You can actually draw figures right on to the scrapbook paper with Copic markers, magic markers, or colored pencils.  If you don't draw you can stamp a figure on there and color it in and make it into a picture.  I am working on a way to make this suitable and durable for hanging on the wall.  Also this can be made into a sturdy picture display.  It would make the perfect anniversary gift.  Perhaps put a picture of the couple in one heart and information about their anniversary date in the second circle.  This could also make a great wedding present.  I am going to be doing a tutorial about this soon.  In the projects pictured below, in place of romantic sayings, I used some of my favorite Bible Verses about Love.  If the person isn't religious, you can use another verse or saying from other books or literature. 

"God is Love" from 1 John 4:7-8

This is a starburst heart.  I added cream lace to the edges.

"How Precious Are God's Thoughts Towards Us" from Psalms 139:17-18

"Behold what Love" 1 John 3:1

From the World Favorite Verse "For God so Loved the World . . ."  John 3:16

Jesus was the world's Great Valentine from the Most High God.