Jul 30, 2014

Crafts Made From Recycled Packaging Tape Roll Live Long, Laugh Hard, and Love Much

This is a picture I made from the bottom of an empty resume paper box.  I used yellow paper in the background to give the piece a bright and sunny feeling.  

The Bird nest is made from recycled cardboard from a roll of packaging tape.  I was going to throw it away but it was very sturdy and I felt like I could do something productive with it.  In the bird's nest I added a variety of pink paper roses.  They represent eggs in a nest.  The actual bird is on top of the nest.  I was going to put her inside the nest, but I like the bird better on top of the nest.

To made the nest stand out, I added clear acrylic beads to the outer edge of the bird nest.  The bird nest was actual painted white on the inside and covered with scrapbook paper on the outside.   Right under the nest, are my little flowers.  I used four carnation pink paper roses and placed them on some five petal flowers that I made from scratch to make a layer floral look.  The cream five petal flowers were stained with pink distress ink.  To dress the flowers up even more, I added some pink and white polka dot ribbon to each one.  

Last, I finished the edges of the piece with an assortment of pink paper roses in different shades.  To help with negative space on the sides of the bird nest, I added some pink ribbon to both sides of the bird nest.  I used polka dot ribbon here also to tie in the other polka dot ribbon that is featured on the four roses at the bottom.   
Inside of the bird nest, it says Live Long, Laugh Hard, and Love Much. I put this in there as a daily reminder to me to never forget to enjoy life for it is a magnificent trip indeed.

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TellaBling said...

Very pretty. Good idea for that empty tape chipboard. I'll be saving mine from now on. TFS.