Mar 26, 2015

how to make your own paper bag

Hi Everyone!  

Today, I have a very fun project for you.  It is how to make your own paper bag.  I really enjoyed making a gift bag out of paper so much until I ended up making four of them.  I plan on making more gift bags in the future.  I used bright spring and Easter colors for my own paper bags.  You can use scrapbook paper, newspaper, and even wrapping paper.  Please click the  video below for how to make a gift bag easy.  

God bless, Chan 

These paper treat bags were made from colored typing paper.
Pink Lace and Handmade spiral roses decorate the front of the bag.
Treat bags can be used for many different occasions.  Easter, Birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas to name a few.
Treat bags are made with a simple folding technique.  Please watch the video below to see this.
Display the bags together for a unified look.
Happy Crafting!