Apr 10, 2015

Mother's Day Card

Make this lovely card for you Mom on Mother's Day.
Hi Everyone!  

It's time for Mother's Day Crafts.  Today I have a lovely Mother's Day Card idea.  I was inspired by a video put out by Pugdemonium on YouTube.  We all know all Mother's love flowers.  Why not pair the card with flowers to make a special gift for Mom?  This is a very easy Mother's Day Card Tutorial with step by step instructions.  I will be uploading more Mother's Day Craft ideas with the focus being on Mother's Day Card DIY.  

Let's Get Ready for Mother's Day! 

God bless, Chan 

Here are the Supplies You will Need to Complete this project.

The Cards are tied together with cream organza ribbon.

I used handmade Paper Roses Decorate this card.  

Happy Mother's Day!


Rushd Lady said...

Lovely roses and cards! What was the music you used on your video? I really enjoyed listening to it. Some of it had a celtic flavor to it.

Chan C said...

Hi there. I used music from youtube creator. One of the songs I used is called Happy Mandolin and I also used Fur Elise by Beethoven.