May 25, 2015

how to make paper hyacinths

Start rolling the stem.  Here I am using a wooden skewer to help with this process.  
Take the 2 x 3 inch piece of green paper and fold in accordion style the long way.  
It should look something like this when you're done folding.
put the accordion piece back together.

Take scissors and cut one side diagonal to form a point.  

Flip it over and cut the other side the same way.

You should have this when you are done.
Time to make the flower.  Take the colored paper and fold one edge down by 1/4 inch
Open the fold up so that you can see the crease, then fold it in half the other way as shown here.
Cut 1/4 inch strips across the paper.  Be sure not to go pass the crease at the upper edge.  
Take the cotton swab and roll each of the strips up to the crease.
Turn the paper so the curls are facing down.  Then add tacky glue down the side as seen here.
Wrap the flower around the stem as shown here. Make sure the curls are point up.  

Take the leaves and put glue on them as shown here.
Glue leaves to the stem.  
Finished Project