Nov 4, 2011

Mixed Media Art Decoupage Scrapbook Paper Drawing and Painting

Create a mixed media piece of artwork!  All you need is a canvas, scrapbook paper, decoupage glue, acryclic paint, beads, and sparkly glue!!

What is decoupaging?  Its the place where artwork and scrapbooking come together!  Also, this is when you glue paper to either canvas, wood, cardboard, or other objects then you add another layer of glue over the the cutout to seal it to the piece.  In the past, artists have used lacquer for decoupaging.   Because of the high expense of lacquer, decoupaged pieces were once reserved for the rich and affluent.   These days, there are many glues on the market that can be used for this art form.  Usually your local arts and crafts stores like Michaels and JoAnns will have it along with many large retailers like Walmart.

Decoupaging is said to have originated either Japan, India, or China.  In the 1600s, it was being used in European countries like England and Italy.  The earlier decoupaging artwork usually had a Biblical theme.
In my arts and crafts projects, I have found that decoupaging has expanded my art.  Once I only used paints and colored pencils.  Now I can use almost anything that I want as along as I can glue it down.  I believe decoupaging this is one of the main things that has led to the rise of the Mixed Media art form.  This really expands your horizons and helps you find even more channels to explore for your art canvas.

In the arts and crafts field, many scrappers have being using decoupaging in their scrapbooks and on their tags.  I have also seen craft artists using scrapbook paper to decorate table tops, dressers, boxes, picture frames, and other items.  Decoupaging can breathe new life into and old item.

Decoupaging is also a great way to recycle old newspapers and scraps of paper that you have around the house.  You can cut them into little hearts or flowers and decoupage them on something.   Some other items that you can use for decoupaging are fabric, lace, magazines, fliers, ads, catalogs, old greeting cards, clip-art,  gift wrapping paper, and scrapbooking paper.