Jun 29, 2014

June IARC Challenge

 Hi Everyone!

I recently found out about a Challenge Blog for IamRoses.  This month's challenge is for altered picture frames.  I made this from a wooden frame from Michaels.  I painted the frame in light pink then I wrapped the frame in white lace.  Then I added a whole bunch of pink and white Iamroses.  I added a handmade paper doll to the top with red hair.  The red hair is for my grandmother who had bright red hair as a child.  I had a dream about her several years ago and in the dream, she had bright red hair that was down to her waist. I saw her with my grandfather and they were both dressed in white.  I know she is with my Mom who just passed this year. I've even seen my mom in dreams.  I want to enter this challenge in both their honor and memory.

God bless, Chan

In loving Memory of my Mother, Jeanne 1947-2014
        and my Grandmother, Ethel 1922-2002

This is a picture of my late mother, Jeanne.


Bev said...

This is Beautiful. Good Luck with The Chalenges and I'm so Sorry for your loss..
Love from

Jo said...

Beautiful tribute. Thanks for joining our I Am Roses challenge.

Maribell'Scraps said...

Very sweet! Good luck with the challenge.

Ivett Carrillo said...

So cute!