Sep 18, 2011

How to Make a Makeup Organizer

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago, Someone had asked me about making a makeup storage case.  I thought that was a great idea.  I watched a viedo by TsukasaBaby on Youtube.  This person did a great tutorial on this.   I made the whole thing out of things I had around the house and I did a few things differently to personalize the organizer.

I started off with a box that held canning jars.  I chose that box because of the size and the fact that it was already cut down to the size I needed.  Then I used an old post office boxes for the back and the compartments.  For the brush holders, I used one toilet paper roll and rolled up cardstock for the other one.  To make everything match, I painted the inside of the rolls a creamy beige.  Then I cut a matching piece of scrapbooking paper for the inside of the center compartment.

When I got done, I realized that I needed something for my lipsticks and lipgloss.  I made a little square for them.  I covered everthing with vinyl shelving paper that I had around the house.  This is to made it easier to keep clean.  If I drop lipstick or eyeshadow inside the package, I can wipe it off with a damp cloth.  Finally I dressed it up with lace and stick on flowers in pink and purple.

I went online to see the prices of makeup organizers.  The cheapest one I saw of the same size was $29.99.   By using the things around the house and a little of my time, I was able to make a makeup organizer for free and you can't beat free!  LOL