Sep 21, 2011

How to Make a Perfume Tray

Hi Everyone!!

When I looked in my bathroom, I discovered I had no where to display my perfumes. Everyday, I had to look through bags and boxes to see what I wanted to wear. I got an idea. If I could make a makeup organizer, then I can make a perfume tray. I used cardboard and the same shelving paper I used for my makeup organizer. Because the perfume bottles were glass, I put scrapbook paper as a liner for the bottom because vinyl has a tendency to be slippery.  Also glass tends to stick to vinyl when sitting on it for a long time.   I felt like a paper bottom would be better suited for glass bottles.  To decorate, I added pink and white polka dot organza ribbon  and I used a pretty purple butterfly and put it in the middle of  lovely paper roses.