Oct 9, 2011

Scrapbook Journaling

Journaling has been done for hundreds of years. It has even preceded the art of scrap booking. Journaling is writing about a subject matter from your point of view. It can be about an event, your family, or even yourself. Journaling can stand alone, accompany a picture, or be included in a scrapbook. You can use journaling to explain something or to convey emotions about a particular topic.

One of the most popular forms of this art is the daily journal. Some people keep daily records of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Many have said the art of daily journaling is therapeutic. It helps them review the days events and provides them a snapshot of how the day went. Journaling can be used for personal reflection and improvement. Most of all, a daily journal can help you focus on what is most important in your life. It can be a crystal clear river where you can see the reflection of all the things you are grateful for in your world.

Another journaling form is the high school yearbook. In the yearbook, people leave their names and a brief message. They usually include little jokes along with their best wishes for the future. Artistic friends may even leave you a little picture or a poem. This is also journaling because they are leaving a historical record of themselves and their friendship with you inside your yearbook.

Personally, my favorite channel for this art form is scrapbook journaling. It's very fun and can add a special touch to your project. Write what you feel inside and let your passion take control. You can make that scrapbook come alive with words of love, excitement, and adventure. This a great way to include your favorite quotes or sayings. A beloved poem by your favorite poet would also add warmth and character to your project.

You can also take your journaling to the next level with special fonts. If you know calligraphy this would be a great place to display that particular writing style.  You can also use the fonts on your computer to print out messages and attach them to your scrapbook. Even if you use the computer for your messages, try to include a little bit of your own handwriting. It will help to personalize the scrapbook. Your descendants will be able to look back at it years after you're gone and say "Grandma wrote this!" Also don't worry to much about the quality of your handwriting because everyone is different. A lovely way to beautify handwriting is to put it on a slant. Instead of writing straight across, try writing across the page. This makes even chicken scratch look elegant!

Moreover, scrapbook journaling is a great way to convey feelings to someone long after you are gone. There may be things that you haven't said that you would like your loved ones to know at some point.  Scrapbook journaling can help you say some of those things. You can leave a message from beyond. Maybe write a letter and place it in your scrapbook for future reading. This is also a great way to pass along family history. You can include pictures and little known facts about your family.  Personally, I have no interest in my genealogy but I know that some of my descendants might be interested. For this reason, I am leaving tidbits of what I know in a little scrapbook for them. Like me, you can also leave behind a legacy with scrapbook journaling.