Sep 28, 2011

Hanging Envelope Mini Album

Hi Everyone!

I'm still working on finding ways to use up all my pink envelopes.  Today, I made a hanging envelop mini album.  It was very easy and only tool about an hour to do.  First, I sealed the envelope.  Then, I snipped off side of the envelope.  After that I stained the edges with a tea stained ink.  I cut out 4 different scrapbook papers.  I trimmed them down so that it would leave 1/4 inch of the pink envelope showing.   Then I cut some light beige scrap paper for the middle section.  Then I added some pink and white paper flowers and connected them all together with ribbon  I accented the piece with wooden buttons to give it a natural crafty feel.  Last I make tags for each of the pockets.  If you have extra envelopes around the house, you can use them for a project like this.  This would be great for families.  You could personalize these with names of people in your family and everyone could have their own pocket.  You can make these to sell or give away as gifts.  You can use as more envelopes too or you could use one or two, depending on your needs.

Sep 23, 2011

Altered Perfume Box

Hi Everyone!

After I made my perfume tray. I had a lot of perfume boxes left. Before I threw them away, I decided to use them for crafts. I covered the box with scraps of shabby chic scrapbook paper. Then I decorated the outside of the box with paper flowers. For the inside I made a tiny pink scrapbook using old pink envelopes that I had around the house. This would be great for weddings. Just use flowers and scrapbook paper in the same colors being used in the wedding. They are selling white boxes at ebay. I found them by using the keyword "small white gift boxes".

Sep 21, 2011

Perfume Tray and Makeup Organizer

Make a matching Set.  Before I made the perfume tray, I had made an makeup organizer.  Now I have a set.  This would be great for gifts.  It's also great way to save money.  Makeup Organizers and Perfume Trays are very expensive.  But with cardboard and a little time, you can make one for free!

How to Make a Perfume Tray

Hi Everyone!!

When I looked in my bathroom, I discovered I had no where to display my perfumes. Everyday, I had to look through bags and boxes to see what I wanted to wear. I got an idea. If I could make a makeup organizer, then I can make a perfume tray. I used cardboard and the same shelving paper I used for my makeup organizer. Because the perfume bottles were glass, I put scrapbook paper as a liner for the bottom because vinyl has a tendency to be slippery.  Also glass tends to stick to vinyl when sitting on it for a long time.   I felt like a paper bottom would be better suited for glass bottles.  To decorate, I added pink and white polka dot organza ribbon  and I used a pretty purple butterfly and put it in the middle of  lovely paper roses.

Sep 18, 2011

How to Make a Makeup Organizer

Hi Everyone!

A few weeks ago, Someone had asked me about making a makeup storage case.  I thought that was a great idea.  I watched a viedo by TsukasaBaby on Youtube.  This person did a great tutorial on this.   I made the whole thing out of things I had around the house and I did a few things differently to personalize the organizer.

I started off with a box that held canning jars.  I chose that box because of the size and the fact that it was already cut down to the size I needed.  Then I used an old post office boxes for the back and the compartments.  For the brush holders, I used one toilet paper roll and rolled up cardstock for the other one.  To make everything match, I painted the inside of the rolls a creamy beige.  Then I cut a matching piece of scrapbooking paper for the inside of the center compartment.

When I got done, I realized that I needed something for my lipsticks and lipgloss.  I made a little square for them.  I covered everthing with vinyl shelving paper that I had around the house.  This is to made it easier to keep clean.  If I drop lipstick or eyeshadow inside the package, I can wipe it off with a damp cloth.  Finally I dressed it up with lace and stick on flowers in pink and purple.

I went online to see the prices of makeup organizers.  The cheapest one I saw of the same size was $29.99.   By using the things around the house and a little of my time, I was able to make a makeup organizer for free and you can't beat free!  LOL