May 14, 2014

How to Recycle Old Soap

Do you have a old soap pieces around the house?  Did you buy some soap a long time ago because it was on sale but you had to stop using it because it made your skin dry?  If so, I have the answer for you.  Recycle your soap, add lotion to the mixture, and use your old soap again.  After I added lotion pink soap, I took a bath with that soap and I felt like a newborn baby afterwards.  No dry skin and I didn't need rub on lotion either.  Watch my video about How to recycle old soap.  It is very easy to do and only takes about 15 minutes.  Recycle and Reuse!  

Items you will need to recycle soap:

Old Soap 
Cheese grater
Lotion to add moisture to soap (optional) 
a pot for melting the old soap 
water to put with the melting soap
muffin pan to mold the soap
butter knife to remove the soap from mold

Happy Crafting and God bless, Chan